Modifiers give the customer more options to customize their order. There are two different modifiers that can be applied to your menu

  1. One option - A single required choice
  2. Multiple option - Multiple optional choices

You can access it through Snappstation -> Menu -> Modifier editor -> Add new modifier group. To edit already existing ones, click on the Pen icon to edit the new modifier.

Tips and Tricks

One option is great for items that need additional information. An example of this could be a beverage. You might want to know if the customer wants a small, medium or large beverage. So by default it can be set to medium, but the customer can change to the other options if they so choose.

Multiple option
is good for giving customers optional choices. So f.ex if you want to let the customer have the option to add extra bacon, extra cheese and fried onions to their burger. They can now optionally choose some or none of these.

Now it is time you give it a try!

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