1. Connect the printer to power

Make sure that the printer has power by ensuring that the cable is securely connected to the port below.

2. Turn the printer ON

Locate the button on the left side of the printer and switch the printer ON. The icon with the "I" should be down-pressed. 

3. Make sure the internet cable is securely connected

An ethernet cable should be surely attached in the slot marked below . Check that it is well secured on both the printer and the router. 

4. Test if the router is connected to the Internet

Try connecting to the router either via WiFi or cable and try loading a website to see if it is connected to the Internet.

5. Restart the router

Even though you may be connected to the Internet, it may be beneficial to restart the router. That way we can give the printer a fresh start!

6. Check if the printer contains paper

Pull back the lever on top of the printer, marked in the image below. This will open the lid and you can check that the printer contains paper. Make sure that the paper is not stuck and in the correct position.

7. Does the printer have the latest firmware update?

If the printer is unstable, it is likely because it is not updated with the latest firmware update. For a guide on updating the printer please check out this guide.

You can check what firmware your printer has by first turning OFF the printer. Then hold the FEED button and the printer ON at the same time. Keep holding the button for 5 seconds.

The printer will now print 2-4 receipts, and locate the one labelled "Star IFBD-HI01X/02X". 

Check the top of the receipt, under "Firmware level". If the "Main" level is below V1.5.0 then you should probably update! You can find the guide for updating the printer here.

8. Restart the printer

Simply turn the printer OFF, then ON again.

If this does solve the issue, please contact
[email protected] for more help. 

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