First steps

  1. Download Chrome
  2. Add a shortcut for Chrome to your desktop
  3. Edit name of the shortcut to "Weorder Admin"
  4. Right click the shortcut icon and select Properties
  5. In the Target field add the following " --kiosk-printing" behind the target path. 

EXAMPLE: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --kiosk-printing

Next steps

  1. In go to Admin > Printer setup
  2. Check "Enable local print" and "Auto print"
  3. Perform a test purchase either through the app or the app preview
  4. In the print preview popup, uncheck "Top and bottom text"
  5. Open a new tab and enter "about:flags" in til URL field
  6. Click CTRL+F and search for "Enable new Print Preview UI"
  7. Disable "Enable new Print Preview UI"

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