1. On the Star Printer: Set the backend url

You do this using browser, while on same local network as the printer:

  • Turn OFF the printer. Then, hold the "paper feed" button down while turning on - keep the paper feed button down for 2 sec after turning on.
  • Now the printer will print lots of info, among them MAC and IP
  • Just open a browser go to the printer IP (example
  • Login with "root" and password "public" 

Under admin CloudPRNT. Put in URL:


2. In SnappStation: Setup restaurant:

    Menu → Manage → Edit current restaurant → Printer MAC address
    (Set something like this "00:11:62:0d:50:5a")

    Orders will be accepted by Star Printer so we should check some additional settings:

    Menu → Manager → Edit current location → Connected to POS  must be empty.

    Menu → Manage → Edit current restaurant → "PreOrder auto accept" must be disabled

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