The new design makes it easier to manage the incoming app orders in the Weorder platform. Introducing a simpler interface and clearer indicators.




Every order will show only the most necessary information

  • Order  - Pick-up/delivery time, items ordered and the price paid (+ delivery address and comments if relevant)
  • Customer  - Phone number, customer name (+ customer group if the client is part of any)
  • Status - Check if the order is pending, accepted or delivered, even see how it was payed for

The buttons Accept and Delivered allow you to handle the order between different stages: Pending > Accepted > Delivered. The colorful indicator to the left of the order displays which stage the order is in (yellow - Pending; green - Accepted; blue - Delivered; red - Rejected).

Further, the "..." (More options) button will allow you to add internal notes, move the customer to a specific customer group, change the pick-up/delivery time and reject the order if needed.

Incoming orders for the day will be shown under Today.
Future orders will be shown under Upcoming
Orders that have been delivered or rejected can be found under Completed.



On the top of the Orders page there are 3 very useful fields (see below) allowing you to block your app for incoming orders or adjust the waiting time based on your restaurant busyness.

The freshly redesigned Orders page will allow you to handle the incoming app sales like a pro even if you´ve never done this before. For any additional questions, contact
[email protected].

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