For a while now, we've been working behind the scenes on a brand new web app that revolutionises the guest experience and makes the restaurant work smoother than before. We went to a blank whiteboard and redesign the industry-known applications with you and the modern guest in mind.

Features not supported

We started the new chapter with being razor sharp to focus on the modern guest and the best experience. As part of this, we removed two legacy features.

  • 🗂 One being push messages - they are generally speaking not supported by iOS as of today. But this decision was made being well aware as SMS messages have a lot stronger punch. Just make sure to handled them responsibly.
  • ℹī¸ The other feature not implemented is "Info buttons" - a button taking the user to an external site such as Instagram.This feature might see the daylight again in the future in a new form, but has not been planned for as of now.

Features coming

On another note, to make sure you get this gamechanger app quickest way possible we have focused on perfecting and releasing the most fundamental features first. Hence, some of the legacy features available in your older app version will be implemented gradually (not there yet). We are working on the list below as we speak

  1. 🤧 Allergens - to support the "Allergen" field from your Weorder backoffice. Today, these have to be put in the main text rather than the allergen section
  2. 💌 Pop-ups messages - empowering you to have personalized communication with your guests
  3. 🎨 App customisation - enabling you to modify the application to represent your brand

If you are still on the old app version - what are you waiting for?!

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