For a while now, we've been working behind the scenes on a brand new web app that revolutionizes the guest experience and makes the restaurant work smoother than before. We went to a blank whiteboard and redesign the industry-known applications with you and the modern guest in mind.

What are the new app benefits?

For your guests

  1. 🕊 No downloading required. Your guests can order & pay without clogging up their mobile device
  2. 😌 Quicker menu navigation. Now the app users can seamlessly overview the menu on 3 layers all at once. Then, quickly build their order and send it
  3. 👋 Profile page. See all your offers, cashpoints and orders instantly. When waiters will fail to recognise your customers, the app will not
  4. ⬇️ Save to home screen. The guests can add your web app to their phone in seconds. Now, just without the "Go to AppStore and search for..." hassle

For you, the restaurant

  1. 💁‍♂️ Increase in guest tips. Remember the days when guests had to manually put in the total order sum in a card terminal? Well... we have something A LOT BIGGER in place. Check out our round-up feature
  2. 💸 Fine-polished upselling. If the menu is set up correctly - you will see a sweet increase in the average order size as the guests enjoy themselves
  3. ☘️ Always the newest app version with the shiniest tools. No need to update it manually. The fancy tech will do it for you
  4. 👯‍♀️ Unity across mobile & desktop. All features that will be implemented in mobile web apps, will immediatelly be avialable for laptops & tablets. They're all united

If you are still on the old app version - what are you waiting for?!

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