If you already logged into Weorder admin today you might have noticed something new... We've just updated our admin panel! Cleaner than ever before + you now have a Home page with all the hottest data.


Have you ever felt that there's something missing in your Weorder admin? It's missing no more with the new home section  - important performance data (real-time, of course) and priceless tips & tricks - all just a single click away. As the time goes on, this new thrilling page will become more and more advanced providing you with the latest Weorder product updates, industry insights and everything else allowing your app to meet it's ultimate success. We'll keep you posted.



Let's keep it simple - what else has changed?

  1. The header color has changed to blue
  2. Restaurant name has been moved to top-right corner and now allows you to switch between the locations you have access to
  3. No number #3. That's it!


...but why should we even talk more about this?!
Just log in your
admin and CHECK IT OUT! 

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