First of all you can enable and disable delivery in the Settings > Restaurant settings:

Just click on the button to enable/disable.

You can adjust your delivery settings by clicking on Settings > Delivery settings:

There you can add the post codes you support making deliveries to, and add delivery pricing. Just click on "Add new" to get started!

Post codes need to be added in intervals under "Add zip code range", so f.ex from 0160 to 0165. Add the pricing for all the post code intervals and click on "Add":

If the post code is not in a specific interval, add the same post code in both fields under "Add zip code range".

If some post code intervals have different pricings, these need to be added on another line. Do this by clicking on "Add new" again. They should show up on different lines like this:

If you want orders to be sent via email to your delivery provider you can either add their email to "Delivery Email" or just ask Weorder Support to help set up a user for your provider.

If you want to add a minimum order amount for delivery orders, this can be done under "Purchase settings":

Under "Minimum order amount" add the price that the order needs to exceed for the customer to get a home delivery.

And, as always, if you have any questions please reach out to us via our chat!

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