Loyalty campaigns with one-off discounts tend to have a high impact at the very beginning of the campaign and then it slowly dies out... So, to trigger another wave of customers you should consider closing down the first campaign and notify the end users before. Then, after a little while, re-launch a new campaign.

This time, we'll look into how to successfully end a discount campaign. Put simple, it's accomplished by a successful marketing. As a Weorder admin, that means using push and popup messages.



Let's assume you've been running a one-off 30% discount for all your customers for 6 months now. The volume has been high the first 2-4 weeks and then slowly reduced but then - stabilised. To see a sales increase as well as to notify all your current customers of the campaign expiry date (let's assume as Dec 30th), you need to send out a push message in combination with a popup.



This is an in-app communication message that is displayed to the end user after they have opened the app. The popup is displayed only once per user. Our popups are currently built on a department level, so please remember to create this for both - dine in & takeaway. Here, you should communicate to those users that have not yet redeemed their discount that they have time until the expiry date. Luckily, you have gathered exactly these users into the respective customer group. To set it up, you should go to Weorder admin > Loyalty > Popups and click on Add popup. Then, just filling in the details with something like the below

  • Title: Last chance to get 30% off
  • Show on page: Restaurant first screen
  • Text: Don't miss out on your opportunity to order through our app to get 30% off on your first order. Deal expires Dec 30th, 2019.
  • Expiry date: 30.12.2019. 22:00
  • Customer groups: the respective customer group



This is a message sent outside the app (SMS or PUSH message) that notifies the users that have opted in to receive marketing materials. If creating a push message, it's always nice to combine it with a popup message so the communication is consistent - the customer gets a message outside the app, opens the app and then a further communication step is taken. To set this up, you should go to Weorder admin > Loyalty > Push campaigns and then filling in all the related details as below

  • Type of message: SMS (if you send out messages less frequently than once a month)
  • Content: Have you already redeemed the 30% discount on your first app order at <your restaurant name>? If not, then you have the chance to stop by until Dec 30th. Come, open <your app link> and order!
  • Customer group: All customers (as we want to notify those that have already placed their orders so they can tell their friends that still have not).

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