If you already have a rich menu with all items sent in from a POS, you can easily create "fake modifiers" that are connected to your menu entries. You will have the chance to upsell while the incoming order display will not be compromised. To do so, follow the instructions below

Create a modifier group

  1. Go to Weorder admin > Menu > Modifier editor and click on Add new modifier group
  2. Add Name, Question and select the Type as Multiple option
  3. Then just locate the Price-ModifierName-ModifierDescription object and click on Add

   4. Then you'll get an empty modifier. Afterwards you should click on Link to MenuEntry

   5. Select the specific drink you would like to suggest as part of this modifier group e.g. Run To The Pils and click on Select

   6. You will see that the individual modifier has changed

   7. Then just type in the Modifier name (Modifier description will be supported in the web shop but not in the web app yet). The price will be taken from the MenuEntry the modifier was connected to

   8. Click on Save

All that is left to do is to assign the newly created modifier group.

Modifier group to be displayed with specific items

After you have saved the modifier, click Back to menu. For the modifier to be active in the app or webshop, you have to assign it to an item. To do so, choose which menu items you would like to have a modifier and click Set modifiers and choose which modifier from the menu that appears.

Lastly, remember to Publish Menu for the changes to go live

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