For a lot of restaurants, summer is a slooooow period with low revenue and few guests. People tend to take their social eating to the park or the beach which may impact restaurant sales negatively if you do not actively promote your establishment. We see that sales from June to July tends to decline by roughly 20% 😢👎🏻 for our restaurant partners. 

We believe that you can work to prevent this decrease to a large extent by using Weorder loyalty functions and social media 🎉😎 Your high-quality food and beverages should be what people bring to the park, they just need a little push 😄

First step: CASHPOINTS 💰

Issue cashpoints at a higher percentage for the rest of July. Set your cashpoint percentage to 20-25% of all purchases. This way, your customers get a discount they can use at your establishment at a later stage. On how to set cashpoints, check out our guide here

Second step: COMMUNICATE 🤗

Giving out cashpoints or discounts when nobody knows about it, does not make sense. That would be giving away profits without increasing customer traffic. Instead, make sure the customers and potential customers are made aware that they have an extra incentive to visit your establishment. 

SMS is a great way to reach your customers. Inform them about your increased cashpoint percentage by using the SMS-function in weorder. You find a guide here

Always remember to publish discounts or special offers on your social media accounts as well. Using multiple platforms for the same campaign will increase your exposure! 🥳 Make sure people bring juicy, tasty, high-quality food from your establishment to the beach ☀️

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] 🥰

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