In order to increase the number of recurring and loyal customers, you can add Cash Points. This way, customers can save cash points specific to your restaurant in the app and use them for late purchases 😎You can also name the Cash points to fit your establishment: Pizzacash, taco-coin, Poké-dollar, endless possibities 🤗

How to set it up 🤔

You find the Cash Points by going to Loyalty -> Reward program. Here you can choose the cash point percentage. If a customer uses 100 at your restaurant and the percentage is 10, they will get 10 of your local currency (NOK, SEK, SGD GBP...) in cash points.

Remember to inform your customers about the cash-points for them to have full effect. Communicate it with either POP-UPs or PUSH CAMPAIGNS

Learn more about marketing and loyalty in the LOYALTY & MARKETING section 

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