The Order page in Weorder Admin lets you manage orders and access information such as a customer's order history, change pick-up time, add customers to customer groups and much more. Keep reading to learn about all the features in the Order page

Incoming orders

In the orders page, you can choose to either see todays orders and completed orders. In some cases you can also see upcoming orders for the next day and forward if you have that option. Both delivered and rejected orders are found under Completed.

Every order will show you the most necessary information:

  • Order  - Pick-up/delivery time, items ordered, the price paid and any comments (+ delivery address)
  • Customer  - Phone number, customer name (+ customer group if the client is part of any)
  • Status - Check if the order is pending, accepted or delivered, even see how it was payed for

The buttons Accept and Delivered allow you to handle the order between different stages: Pending > Accepted > Delivered. The colorful indicator to the left of the order displays which stage the order is in:

  • Yellow - Pending
  • Green - Accepted 
  • Blue - Delivered
  • Red - Rejected

Make changes or add notes to an order

If you click the "..." button, you will be able to add internal Order notes, move the customer to a specific customer group and change pick-up/delivery time and reject the order if necessary. If you change delivery time or reject the order, the customer will receive a message with the changes to their order 😃

Customer information and adding cashpoints

By clicking the customer's phone number you will get access to the customer's profile, a customer specific loyalty section where you gan send cashpoints and an overview of the customers Order history

To learn more about how to manage sold out items, what to do when you receive too many orders and much more, check out our Weorder Admin Orders section

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