In Weorder Admin under Loyalty there are a couple of great tools for you to increase customer loyalty and to communicate with your customers:

  • Customer groups
  • Push campaigns
  • Pop-ups
  • Reward program
  • Voucher campaign

👥Customer groups

Make customer groups in order to target either new customers or specific groups such as neighbors, VIP-customers and so on. Learn how to create customer groups, add customers and how to give a customer group discounts on individual items.

👋Push campaigns

This feature lets you communicate with your customers via either SMS or push notifications. You can choose to send it to all customers or you can send them to specific customer groups. Use push campaigns for announcing special deals, sending promo-codes for customer groups and general information that you want to share with customers. 


Communicate with pop-ups in the app. Inform customers about deals, new menu items and remind them to add drinks to their orders. Pop-ups will only be showed once, and therefore a great way to welcome new customers to the app and inform them about a customer group or incentivize them to become loyal. 

🤝Reward program

In this section you find two different features. Cash-points and recruit a friend.  Cashpoints is our favorite way to increase loyalty and keep customers coming back. They can be distributed in two ways, either by a percentage of purchase or you can issue them to specific customers. By issuing a cash-point percentage, the customer can save cash-points in the app and use them for later purchases. Even greater: you can name the cash-points so that they become your own currency 🤗The recruit a friend feature is great for letting your customers benefit from marketing and sharing the app. You can either reward recruiting friends with cash-points or with vouchers. We recommend using cash points to keep the customers coming back for more 🥰

💌Voucher campaign

Finally you can make voucher campaigns for your customers. They can be distributed any way you want and stored in the app. When used, the customer physically shows the voucher in your establishment, you verify it and gives them for example a free coffee for signing up to the restaurant or a free side dish. Note that the voucher can not be used for in-app purchases, but as a physical voucher. 

By combining some of these features you can also issue for example digital gift cards and sending cash points to reward social media campaigns 😻

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