In Weorder Admin you can choose to give a certain Customer Group discounts or target them with specialized marketing.

In order to create a customer group, go to Loyalty in the top bar and choose Customer Groups from the drop-down menu. 

Lets say you want to add a customer group to give your neighbors a discount:

  1. Click add group and name the group, in this case "Neighbors". Click Save
  2. To set the discount percentage, click Edit  and fill in the required fields. Remember to choose what items the discount applies to. In this case you can leave Auto member and One time discount empty. Auto member automatically assigns everyone that launches the app while One time discount only lasts for one purchase
  3. Here you can further choose if the discount applies to Pick-up, Delivery, Dine-in or All. Hit save when you have filled out the page

Click here to learn how to add customers to your Customer group

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