Click on Menu at the top of the page in Weorder Admin

Menus have three layers

  1. Main categories
  2. Categories
  3. Entries

Main categories is the top layer and will usually be used for categories such as "Food" and "Beverages"

Categories are used to further categorize the different Main categories. Under food you might want a category for "Pizza" and another one for "Salads"

Entries are the actual dishes or products. Such as "Chicken Salad", "Pepperoni Pizza" or in this case, "Chocolate Sufflé"

Click Menu on the top of the page in Weorder Admin
Once you are in the Menu-page click:

  1.  Add main category -> Fill in the name of your category, choose what type  of category it is, select an icon and click save. The category will now appear on the Menu-page 
  2. Click +category to add the second layer category, such as "Pizza" or "Salad"
  3. Click the arrow next to the main category, and choose +entry. Fill in the name and price of the dish/product and click save.

Note! In most cases you will have to get the menu entries from your POS. Keep reading on how to edit the menu 🤗

Always remember to click Publish menu after you have made changes! 👊🏻


Edit your menu

Next to the Main Category there are some icons to help you Edit your menu

  1. Click and hold the below icon to drag and drop Categories and Entries

   2.If you want to hide, but not delete a Category or an Entry, simply click the eye icon: This can be used when something is sold out 😉

3. To remove a Category or an Entry, click the red "trashcan" icon
Note! Main categories can not be deleted if they contain any entries

Always remember to click Publish Menu for the changes to take effect!

Next: learn how to set up the opening hours or how to add modifiers to the menu items

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