National holidays, like the Easter and summer, tend to be downtime for many restaurants but you have the tools to change it! 3 simple steps - loyalty scheme, popup & push message - to drive your sales during the holiday



To start with, you need to give a short-term benefit for the customers to visit your restaurant. Best practice, you should either boost up your cashpoint reward or set up a discount only for the holiday period. In this scenario, I´ll show you how to create an Easter special customer group

  1. Open Weorder admin
  2. Go to Loyalty > Customer groups
  3. Click on Add group and name it
  4. Click on Edit
  5. Enable Auto Member & set up the discount
  6. Go to Time and select the discount to expire on Tuesday, 23.04.2019.
  7. Save




Now, it´s time to make your active users aware of the campaign - popups it is!

  1. Go to Loyalty > Popups
  2. Click on Add popup 
  3.  Put in the Title, Text, Expiry date as 23.04.2019. 00:00
  4. Choose Customer group to be the same one as created in the step above
  5. Upload an image to make the customer experience as good as it can get
  6. Save



 3) SMS / PUSH

Last, it´s important to communicate the discount to the clients that are not as active in  your app. The best approach here is to send off SMS messages!

  1. Go to Loyalty > Push campaigns
  2. Choose type as SMS (push messages is a bit cluttered space these days...)
  3. Add content that tells your customer about the discount and the end date + a short-link to your app download (reach out to us if you don´t know this one)
  4. Choose Customer group to be the same one as created in step #1
  5. Click on Send (or set a send time if preferred in the future)

In addition, you should communicate this through your other marketing channels to make sure as many customers are aware of your campaign.


Any other questions? Reach out to
us via your Weorder admin chat bubble
or by emailing
[email protected]! 🍹

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