What are modifiers?

Modifiers gives your customers the option to modify their orders. 👩‍🍳 Choosing, for instance, how spicy they want a dish or what kind of toppings they would like to add.
There are two kinds of modifiers you can use

  • One option - a single choice that is required 
  • Multiple options - multiple optional choices 

In the example below, we have added a One option modifier for spiciness🌶 and a Multiple option modifier for rice🍚 and other extras


How to

1. Locate the modifier editor

Open Weorder admin and go to Menu section in the top bar. Hit Modifier editor to get started.


2. Create a modifier group

From here, click Add new modifier group and lets add an option where the customer has to choose what base sauce they want on their 🍕. For this modifier we choose type: One Option so that the customer must have one of the options selected at all times.

Then, on the right hand side (under Modifier), you add the options. These will be the ones visible in the app. Add the desired number of options, and end with Save

Note: Unless you are using Weorder stand-alone, you have to get the modifier items from POS. they can be chosen in the modifier window "select from list". 


3. Assign the modifier group to item/s

After you have saved the modifier group, click Back to menu. For the modifier group to be visible in the app and webshop, you have to assign it to an item. To do so, tick the white box on the left from the menu item/sub-category that you would like to have the modifier group connected to. Once all the respective items have been chosen, click on Set modifiers and choose the respective modifier group/s and click on Apply changes.

Lastly, remember to Publish menu for the changes to go live.


Tips and Tricks

One option is great for items that need additional information. An example of this could be a beverage. You might want to know if the customer wants a small, medium or large beverage. By default it can be set to medium, but the customer can change to the other options if they so choose.

Multiple option is good for giving customers optional choices. If you want give the customers the option to add extra bacon, extra cheese and fried onions to their burger. They can now optionally choose some, all or none of these.

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