Would you like to increase your company liquidity? You should consider selling digital gift cards to your customers in your very own app! You can sell them at the actual value, or offer your customers a discount for pre-purchasing. For example, you can sell a gift card worth €50 with a 20% discount (for €40) - your customer gets a great deal, while you gain higher volume of income upfront.



It´s simple - just add it the same way as you would add any other new item in your menu

  1. Click on Add main catgeory to create a main category called Buy a gift card (the type should be selected as Misc; icon as Ticket)
  2. Under the new main category choose + Category to create a sub-category called Buy a gift card
  3. Add different gift card items in your menu by clicking on +Entry* and insert their title (e.g. GIFT CARD - EUR 50), description, image and price
  4. Once all done, click on Publish menu to display the changes made in your app

*Please note that if your app is POS-connected, all the gift card items need to be first put in your POS menu and then pulled in Weorder admin > Menu



Remember the gift card item you just created? You better do! 💪 The gift card was item was added to your menu and priced, but you have not defined it's worth. Not yet... 

In our example, the gift card was priced for €40 while it's value for the customer who would buy it was €50. To get there, we have to give more cash points than the menu item cost itself. So, we need to go into the menu item and change the cash back percentage to 125% (as €40 x 1.25 = €50).



If a customer would like to buy the gift card for friend* rather than himself, he/she should type in the comments the correct phone number the cash points should apply to. Then, your staff can deduct the respective amount from this user digital wallet an assign them to the other user by using our fly search bar.

*The friend needs to have at least one order place already through any of the Weorder apps so his/her profile is created.


After purchasing the gift card, customer will get the cash points in his/her virtual wallet once the order has been Accepted & Delivered. If you use Weorder stand-alone (not POS-connected), then this should take a few seconds. If your app is POS integrated, it can take up to 2h for the order to become Delivered/Fulfilled. So, just make sure to set the expectations right using the gift card menu item description by saying something like: "After purchasing the gift card, an equivalent number of cash points will fill up your in-app wallet as soon as our staff has accomplished your purchase. This should take no longer than ["2h" - if POS connected / "a short moment" if standalone]".
All what is left to do - to do some marketing so your customers are aware of the amazing offer to support their favourite restaurant.


...and make sure to not give all that gift card money to your cat

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