Would you like to increase your company liquidity? You should consider selling digital gift cards to your customers! Sell 500 NOK worth digital gift card for 400 NOK - your customer gets a great deal, while you gain higher volume of income upfront.



It´s simple - just add it the same way as you would add any other new item in your menu

  1. Click on Add main catgeory to create a main category called Digital gift cards (the type should be selected as Food)
  2. Under the new main category choose + Category to create a sub-category called Gift cards
  3. Add different gift cards by clicking on + Entry and insert their title (e.g. Gift card: 500 NOK), description, image and price (e.g. 400)
  4. Once all done, click on Publish menu to display the changes made in your app



At the given moment, this is a manual process - the same process as sending cashpoints. Once a client will purchase your gift card, it will come in the same way as any other of your orders and you will need to add cashpoints to their profile (or any other profile if stated in comments).

  1. Once an order with a gift card comes in, you should find the user by copying the phone number or name and inputting it in your search field
  2. Then, click on More (...) > Loyalty
  3. Under Add/subtract cashpoints choose the issue type as Add
  4. Add the value of the gift card in the cashpoint field
  5. Click on Submit
  6. Set-up a customer group and add a pop-up, so the customer has a nicer user journey once they open the app

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