In Weorder it is possible to reward your most loyal customers by either the amount they spend or the number of orders they place. 

The VIP customer function is great to use in marketing. Let people know that they will be rewarder if they for example place more than 5 orders in a month 😎This way, you incentivize your customers to stay loyal



You start by creating a customer group that will filter out your customers based on the amount they have spent or orders they have placed within the last week, month or year.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Loyalty -> Customer groups -> Add group
  3. Name the group (the same title will be displayed in your customer's app)
  4. Click Save
  5. Click on Add customer
  6. Select Use filter automatically every night
  7. Choose period to be covered - last week, month or year
  8. Set the filter logic - either the sum or number of purchases (*Show hints will display a message to all users in the app on how to become part of this group e.g. spend 5$ by to become a VIP)
  9. Click on Save
  10. Push Show customers to see your VIP customers based on your filter



You can reward your best performing customers in 3 ways by

  • Providing the customer group with a discount (once the customer won´t meet your filter criteria anymore, they will be disabled from the customer group)
  • Issuing a digital gift card (aka cashpoints). Read more about it on our send cashpoints guide
  • Next time  you see an incoming order from a customer that belongs to your VIP group it will be visible in the Orders page like below

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