On the top left of your Orders page (https://admin.weorder.com/secure/orders/) you will find the search field which can help you when looking for clients and orders, or when you want to navigate between the different locations in your chain.


When you are searching for an order to either see more details, edit or refund

  1. Simply type the relevant order reference or ID in the search field
  2. The respective purchase and the client who placed it will be shown
  3. You can click on More (...) to get the order info or refund the purchase



Similar as searching for orders, if you need to find a client

  1. Put in the name or phone number of the customer
  2. You will be able to see all the related users and orders
  3. By using More (...) feature you can see more about the orders and make changes


Now, to the left of the search bar you can find a grey field that displays the current place you have opened in your Weorder admin. To change the location, just type in the name of locale you would like to go to and you will be given suggestions. Pick one and you will be taken to the specific location.

Final step: get your customers to use the app/webshop!

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