1. Go to Weorder Admin -> Loyalty -> Popups
  2. Click on Add popup

From here on you can specify your Pop-up, decide where it is shown and so on:

  1. Under Title insert a short popup name that will be shown to users
  2. Choose which page to show the popup on
  • First screen - as soon as the user opens the app
  • Category - when user goes into a specific category (e.g. Food, Beverage or any other menu category you have created)
  • Cart - when user goes to cart for a check out
  • Review order - user will see this message after placing an order

   5. Insert Text that customers will see
   6. Choose which Customer Groups will see the popup
   7. Optional: upload an image of the popup

In general, you should not overload the app with pop-ups as it will make it cluttered. Make sure the pop-ups are informative and that they are placed in the right app-page. 

🍍Weorder Suggestions:
We recommend using pop-ups in the Restaurant main page for general information such as new dishes or changed operating hours. Category pop-ups may be used
for information on the specific categories where the information is not relevant to all your customers. Cart is great for reminding your customers about drinks or sides. The final location you can use for pop-ups is review order and is great for informing on where to pick up the order or just a nice thank-you-message 😎

Your popup is ready! Did you know that you
can combine popups with
push messages?

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