Set-up correctly, this feature will make your customers tell their friends about your app bringing benefits to all - you, your customers and the customers´ friends. Your customers will collect rewards for every new friend that has placed their first time order (FTO); their friends will get a great deal on their first discount; last, your restaurant sales will increase. Everyone is winning!😻

1. Go to Weorder admin -> Loyalty -> Reward Program

Under Recruit a friend -> Reward type choose the reward you would like your customers to get.

Cashpoints - your customers will get a set amount of cash to spend at the restaurant for every new friend that places their FTO in the app. If you choose this option

  1. Insert the value of cashpoints your customers will get for every new hire
  2. Click Save

  • Voucher - your customer will get a voucher for every recruited friend with a free meal/special offer they can redeem at your venue. Going for Voucher reward:
  1. After choosing Voucher as the reward type, click Save
  2. Go to Weorder admin > Loyalty > Voucher Campaign and edit (🖊️) Recruit a friend
  3. Type in the name, description and the maximum number of vouchers you would like to be redeemed; and (optional but suggested) add an image of the voucher
  4. Click Update

2. Weorder admin -> Loyalty -> Popups -> Add popup

You should use popups to make your customers aware of the Recruit-a-friend feature they can use. If you don´t know how to set up popups, click below.

3. Weorder admin -> Loyalty -> Push campaigns

Last, if you release the Recruit-a-friend feature later than the first month of launching the app then you should send out a push notification or SMS to tell your existing clients about this new great feature!

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